Are you a Landscape Contractor wanting to add more skills to your repertoire to help build your business? We offer hands-on training and seminars that cover design & installation for landscape lighting, pond building and more! Our staff is knowledgeable about installing, designing, and troubleshooting, providing you with full support for the equipment we sell.


  • Lighting is a great add on for any landscape business! Why would a client spend so much on an amazing landscape design to not take advantage of enjoying it during the evening hours too?!

  • We offer online webinars to keep you up to speed on the selection of fixtures we offer, lighting design and installation.

  • We also offer in-person, hands-on training where we will review the lights and install them in the landscape so you can see how placement can create different looks and feels. Learn some tricks of the trade.

  • We can also help you with your order to ensure the transformer is sized properly and that you have all the components you require for the project.

  • We have quick delivery times and we will help you with any warranty claims you may have!

Pond Building

  • Pond building is a great service that landscapers can provide. We can help you build your reputation by teaching you the skills to build low maintenance water features.

  • Sizing pond components can be tricky! We can help you determine the components required for your pond help calculate liner size, pump size, skimmer size and placement.

  • If you set up the pond properly from the beginning, you have fewer headaches down the road.  

  • We are available for consultation to discuss pond design and set up.



We are excited to create a unique, outdoor space that expresses your personal style and taste so you can enjoy your space everyday. We can design lighting plans that extend your beautiful landscape into the evening hours. We take into account our winter season, so your landscape looks just as interesting in the winter as it does during the summer months! We also consider the environment and how our designs are functional and can look aesthetically pleasing but also provide habitat to encourage biodiversity. We specialize in pond and riparian zone design. If you are planning a swim pond either private or commercially we can design the area around the pond for function, habitat and beauty.


All our landscaping projects start with your goals and inspirations in mind! The initial consultation is an important first step in the process of creating a uniquely tailored outdoor space that reflects your personal style, needs & budget. Our designer will set up an appointment convenient to you to meet you at your home – anywhere in Winnipeg or surrounding areas. We will provide you with an overview of our company and the process we follow then we will get into the fun stuff – your wish list for your new outdoor space! We need to understand your style and needs so when you use your new space you have a feeling of bliss! We discuss budget so we design a landscape that meets your budget expectations. After our sit-down meeting ,we will provide you with a quote for the design and when agreed upon we will take photo’s and measurements of property lines and existing features. If it is a new home, we can use your property survey and house drawings. We will design an unique outdoor living space that will bean extension of your home, business or cottage that exceeds all your expectations!




Bring the night to life & transform your beautiful daytime landscape into a magical nightscape using premium sand cast bronze landscape Lighting. Add security and extend your landscape's usability well into the evening hours and transform your yard into a resort-like oasis. Bring the outdoors in-when your landscape is beautifully lit, the landscape view can even be enjoyed from inside your home! Outdoor lighting doesn’t just highlight the beauty of your landscaping, but it also makes accessing your home safer. We believe in providing the best for your home when you choose Cast Landscape Lighting. Built to last–solid sand cast bronze that comes with a lifetime warranty! We guarantee you’ll have a reliable system that will last and light up your outdoor space.


Lighting Design


A custom-designed lighting system will make your home a more attractive and enjoyable place that you can spend more time in. Landscape lighting makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy their home or cottage at all hours of the night. Our team of lighting design specialists are committed to making your yard functional, secure, and captivating through customized lighting design plan catered to your property’s nighttime needs. We want your home to stand out among the rest on the block. We will work with you one-on-one to create a landscape lighting design plan that you will love, and your neighbors will envy.



Our remediation experts over at Clean Water Pro can assess your body of water to determine what stage of health it is in and design a custom remediation plan to bring it back to optimal health. Using environmentally-friendly treatments, we have transformed water bodies into amazing water features that are bursting with biodiversity. Check out their website to find out more about the assessment process and water treatment services offered, such as dissolved oxygen testing, algae identification, aquatic weed identification, environmental assessments & more! When we can determine the root cause of the issues that your pond or lake is experiencing, we can then determine the best treatment method to improve it. Watch for our informative webinars on ponds, swim ponds, treatments and more!  Starting a 195 and up depending on the level of assessment required



Do you want to know the nutrient load in your pond, what type of algae or parasites in your waterbody? We can perform various water tests to determine the nutrient, pH, turbidity, total suspended solids, algae, invertebrate and other parasite levels in your water that might be otherwise blind to the naked eye. We can come out and take a sample or feel free to send us one too! It is important to understand water chemistry before treating a pond. Or, if your pond is not responding to the current treatments, we need to look a little deeper at the water chemistry to understand what changes to the treatment method need to happen.



Are you looking to aerate a pond, dugout, lagoon or lake but not sure where to begin or what is required? You probably already know that aeration is key to improving many water bodies; whether you want to improve water quality, reduce algae, odour and sludge or overwinter fish, then aeration is required, but how much do you need?  We can assist you through the full process of aeration system setup. By providing a location, depth measurements, and some history on your waterbody, we can design an aeration system layout that effectively treats your body of water to keep it in optimal health. We can also install your system for you and show you how to maintain it!



Want to find out more about your pond or lake? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is under the water along the bottom of your pond or lake? Using our mapping technology, we can create an informational record that includes depth, bottom hardness, aquatic weeds and more! Especially in older ponds that you plan to swim in but are unsure what might be lurking at the bottom, mapping is a great tool. Many of the older dugouts were used as a dumping ground for metal, concrete and more. With this mapping we can print out the a map of the depths in the pond or lake.  Starting at 350 and up.



If you have a pond, swim pond, or dugout in the Southern Manitoba Region, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs to monitor and treat your waterbody so you can focus on enjoying it. For dugouts and swim ponds, our staff will visit and treat the pond biweekly from May to October and with this service we will  monitor the water and adjust treatments to ensure we achieve the optimal results.


For small ponds this includes: clean out and start up, natural bacteria treatments throughout the season to keep it algae fee, clean up in the fall, and pond shutdown for winter.



Having issues with your aeration or floating system? Did you know that the aeration compressors require a maintenance kit every 18 months to ensure the longevity of the system? Our certified and responsive technicians can install the maintenance kit or  repair your Airmax aeration and floating fountains! Book a service appointment with us today!