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  • Lynne Melvin

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Here a list of common outdoor lighting techniques. Please contact a CAST Certified installer for the best design layout and installation methods. We would be happy to recommend one of our landscape contractor clients, please contact us for names and numbers of local installers in your area.


Lights are placed at ground level and focused upward, to highlight the landscape elements from below (trees, architectural elements, signs etc.). The fixtures used in this technique include the MR 16 Bullet, MR11 small bullet, in-ground fixtures well light fixtures.


Pathlights are on risers above the ground and are generally used to light up walkways. Pathlights will lead the user along the path. Extra care needs to be taken to illuminate steps or changes in elevations.


This technique creates amazing results. The fixture is mounted high in the tree where is casts a beautiful wash of light through the leaves on the tree. A dappled moon light is then displayed on the area below. This technique is exceptional when light is cast down on a patio area.


In this technique lights are placed behind the objects or plants to cast silhouettes. Fixtures are concealed, and include spot, flood and in-ground lights.

Spotlighting and Accent Lighting

This technique uses a strong and focused beam of light to illuminate landscape elements like flagpoles and sculptures. The CAST Wall wash light cast a beautiful smooth light across a feature wall that is constructed of stone or brick. It also works well when directed at a sign.


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