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  • Lynne Melvin

4 Benefits to Indoor Water Gardens

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Water gardens can be found in suburban, city and rural communities, but are they for aesthetics or function? Long before water gardening became popular for raising fancy koi or ornate goldfish, they were used for function. Including a water feature in a courtyard garden or within the typical framework of a home has been practiced by landscapers and engineers for centuries.

During the recent batch of extreme heat and temperatures rising well into the 90s, I watched my neighbor use the water from his garden hose to cool the air entering his house. He took advantage of his front door facing west and western winds by anchoring his garden hose to a column of his house with a rope so that the water sprayed just past the first step of his front door. Water cooled the air entering his home, giving him an alternative to the constant drone of an air conditioner and spinning electric meter. I sighed and wondered why I hadn’t thought of that first.

4 Benefits of an Indoor Water Garden:

  1. Adds humidity to a home in the cold, dry winter

  2. Helps keep a home cool in the summer

  3. Brings the beauty of nature into a home

  4. Relaxing sound of water can be good for your health

Indoor water features can be built using the same materials as koi ponds, garden ponds or even Formal Falls features.

If you have an indoor water garden, use the comments below to share your experience!

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