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  • Krista Moon

3 Tips for Buying a Retaining Wall Waterfall

A friend recently asked me how they could spruce up their backyard by adding a waterfall to their landscape. Because my friend’s patio area is defined by a block wall, I suggested he add a waterfall to it. Waterfalls can be added to any manufactured block or retaining wall.

3 Tips for Buying a Retaining Wall Waterfall

1.Choose stainless steel: Wall waterfalls can be made from stainless steel or acrylic. Stainless steel is much stronger and durable – especially when installing the unit in a heavy block wall.

2.Choose a self-draining design: A self-draining wall waterfall will automatically drain completely when the pump is disconnected. A system that is NOT self-draining needs to be carefully blown out for the winter/colder months to remove all of the water. Water left behind will cause the unit to freeze and crack.

3.Choose multi-color lighting options: If you don’t want to be limited to only one lighting color, there are wall waterfall units that have LED light strips that can rotate through a variety of colors using a remote control. Choosing the right type of wall waterfall is a low maintenance way to add the peaceful sights and sounds of water to your outdoor landscape.

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