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  • Krista Moon

5 Most Popular Water Feature Trends

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Water Gardens

Ponds and water gardens have always been popular in America’s backyards. Those that are seeking to add a pond to their yard are requesting more areas for aquatic plants in the pond as well as areas deep enough to over-winter koi and goldfish.

Pond-Less Waterfalls

Pond-less waterfalls, or cascading falls, are waterfalls that disappear into a bed of gravel before being re-circulated back to the top of the waterfall. We’ve recently noticed trends in slower moving water, streaming down the falls rather than crashing down. The slower moving falls are more peaceful and gradual with shallow areas for wildlife to safely drink from.

Bubbling Vase Fountains

Bubbling fountains are becoming very popular due to their low maintenance and low cost. Bubbling fountains could be a boulder with a hole bored through it in which water is pushed through, or a series of holes within a rock/boulder. Ceramic vases have also been popular designs due to their vibrant colors.

Rock Column Fountains

Rock column fountains are also popular du to their low maintenance, but because of their larger size can be slightly more expensive than a bubbling fountain. Rock columns are typically installed in sets of 3 near each other. The water disappears into a bed of gravel where it is re-circulated back to the columns.

Sheet Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Without a doubt, sheet waterfalls are the most popular water features lately. This is due in part to the popularity of outdoor living spaces incorporating blocks and bricks. The most popular styles is the formal falls. The formal falls waterfall system is installed into a block wall and creates a beautiful, clean waterfall appearance. Formal falls also come with LED lights so viewing at night is exceptional.

I’m sure you will enjoy whichever water feature you choose while you are relaxing with your favorite beverage listening to the beautiful sounds around you. Please add your comments below!

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